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BioSmart Platinum Edition

Platinum Heater

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BioSmart Infrared Heaters and Coastal Infrared Saunas: Gold Standard Products, Real People Prices

BioSmart Infrared heaters provide the cheapest way to get heat from electricity. The BioSmart infrared heater can heat 1000 square feet or more. They produce a whopping 6800 BTUs, which is 1200 BTUs more than any other brand of infrared heaters on the market today. Their new patent pending infrared emitters produce 25% more heat and last for 30,000 hours (6 – 10 years). Our competitors offer only 20,000-hour emitters, as well as some that are only 5000 hours. BioSmart has the same TUV safety rating as Mercedes Benz. BioSmart's most popular infrared heater has a built-in 4-stage air purification system, which includes a UV light that kills bacteria and viruses, a TIO2 membrane and a negative ion generator. These Infrared Heaters can run on 1500 watts or 750 watts for even greater energy savings. BioSmart has also built the worlds first in-wall infrared heaters. The in-wall infrared heaters are installed in the wall and are the best alternative to electric wall heaters. All our models of heaters are huge energy savers and 100% safe. New homes are being built using only these in-wall heaters instead of furnaces and duct work. Now you can build a green home with our energy-saving heaters that are totally clean, safe, and healthy.

The latest addition to our “fleet” of infrared products is Coastal Infrared Saunas. After extensive research, we chose this company for its use of the latest infrared sauna technology that produces the greatest health benefits. Each sauna comes with zero Electro Magnetic Frequency Carbon Wave Heaters. People are becoming more aware of how infrared is used in the medical field. The health benefits of using these saunas are too numerous to list here, but they range from arthritis and fibromyalgia pain relief to lowering blood pressure and weight loss. Infrared saunas are much more comfortable to breathe in than old-style saunas, as the air is not overly hot but permits you to break into a great sweat to detoxify your body. The infrared heat actually penetrates 1.5 inches into your body to assist healing and provide greater pain relief than traditional saunas. We have four models ranging from $2,595 - $4,395, depending on size. Each sauna comes equipped with all the latest goodies, including a Pioneer stereo CD player, chromotherapy colored LED lights, ionizer, and much more. Only Coastal Saunas has the patented vertical wooden backrest throughout the sauna for comfort, better spinal alignment, and prevention of bacteria buildup on the heating panels. What a huge difference this patent makes! Sauna heating panels are also much more advanced and cover a larger area than any other sauna brand. Only the highest-quality components and premium Canadian hemlock and cedar are used in their construction of these saunas. They make a gorgeous addition to any home. Make this your Zen experience! You wont believe how much better using these saunas will make you feel!

Coastal Infrared Saunas

We offer a variety of saunas to fit your needs, from 3 person units, to 10 person units, and convienient corner units!

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The Malibu For Two!

Malibu For Two

The Delmar Built For Three

The Delmar

The Hollywood:Five for Luxury

The Hollywood

The Newport Corner Sauna

The Newport